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The best time of the year

The blossom period

Discover the blossom period in Rivierenland

About one third of all fruit grown in our country, comes from Rivierenland. Therefore, this region is also known as the fruit garden of Netherlands. Throughout Rivierenland you will find orchards full of fresh fruit. In spring the fruit trees are in bloom, which is characteristic for the blossom period! 

The exact period of time when trees are in bloom, is unpredictable. The Bloom period depends on many factors. If winter is a bit warmer and sunnier, the flowers are more likely to pop-up earlier. The warm weather can also affect the amount of time that the flowers may be in bloom.

Your best chance to admire the flowers is in April and May. Get the best blossom experience by walking one the blossom routes through the Betuwe, Bommelerwaard and the land of Maas and Waal.

Summer and Autumn are the fruit picking seasons, however the time at which the fruit is ready for to be picked differs per type. Want to learn more about fruit? We will tell you all about the fruit picking later this year. Keep an eye on this page for all the updates.

Current blossom condition:

It’s almost time!

Which blossom will emerge first?

Cherry and plum blossoms are the first species that hatch. Both can bloom at the same time, which one blossoms first differs each year. After these two species, the pear blossom will hatch, and last but definitely not least, the beautiful pink apple blossom will emerge.

How to best recognize different kinds of blossom?

Plum blossom

  • White flowerspruimen bloesem
  • More fragile and flimsy
  • The plum tree has no leaves when in bloom

Cherry blossom

  • White flowerskersen bloesem
  • The flowers grow on long stems up to five centimeters
  • The blossom is more likely to hang down a little
  • The cherry tree has tiny green baby leaves when in blossom



Pear blossom

  • White flowersperen bloesem
  • The petals of the flowers are a bit stringer and thicker than plum petals
  • Pear leaves are more pointy, stiff and fairly smooth

Apple blossom

  • Pink flowersappel bloesem
  • The flower buds which are still closed are usually dark pink
  • Leaves are thinner and rounder than pear leaves