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General booking conditions Bureau Toerisme 

Through our website www.uitinderegio.travelbase.nl you can book various accommodations and activities/packages in the Rivierenland region. Bureau Toerisme acts as an intermediary for the conclusion of the booking agreement between you and the host or entrepreneur. The following general terms and conditions apply.

Last update: March 2023

Footnote: ‘Uit in de regio’ is a product of Stichting Bureau Toerisme

1. About Bureau Toerisme

Through the website www.uitinderegio.travelbase.nl of Stichting Bureau Toerisme, you can book accommodation and additional activities in the Rivierenland region. If you make a booking through our website, the host – the owner or manager of the (holiday) accommodation – will make the accommodation available. Via the website you can use the online booking system Travelbase. Stichting Bureau Toerisme thus mediates in the conclusion of a booking agreement between you and the host. The host – the actual provider of the accommodation or (holiday) stay – is always the one who makes the booked accommodation available to you. Stichting Bureau is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 11058334.

Obviously you can contact us via our website www.uitinderegio.travelbase.nl.

You can also find us using the following details:

Bureau Toerisme

De Vlasman 5

6669 ND Dodewaard

Chamber of Commerce: 11058334

VAT number: NL812870074/b01

Email: boekingen@bureautoerisme.nl

2. Accommodations in Rivierenland

If you use the booking system on our website to book a stay in Rivierenland, you can choose between various types of accommodation such as hotels, holiday homes, group accommodation, camping and bed & breakfasts (B&Bs).


Which meals are included?

– Room without breakfast: breakfast is not included.

– Room with breakfast: breakfast is included from the day after arrival until the day of departure.

– Half board: dinner and breakfast are included from dinner on the day of arrival to breakfast on the day of departure.

If you’re travelling alone, please note that a supplement may apply if you stay in a double room.

Booking made even easier: no deposit or credit card guarantee needed. A number of hotels offer this option.

Holiday home

The website lists homes in holiday parks as well as privately owned homes. Many homes in holiday parks are also privately owned. This means that they may be furnished differently than is shown in the pictures. However, the holiday homes basically belong to the same category and are of equal quality. In the holiday home details you can find what is included and what is not, as well as information about arrival time, changeover day, location, discounts, etc.

Group accommodation

Group accommodations vary in size and specifications. Most of them are suitable for groups, such as school excursions, company outings, etc. The group accommodation details describe what exactly is offered and the maximum number of people that can stay in the accommodation.


In most cases it refers to a bookable camping pitch, usually located in a campsite. The campsites vary in size and specifications. The campsite details describe what facilities are offered and whether activities are organised, for example. Sanitary facilities are available for general use and some campsites also offer pitches with private sanitary facilities.

Bed & breakfast

If you opt for bed & breakfast accommodation, you’ll usually stay in the home of a private person. You’ll often share the sanitary facilities with other guests or the owner. In this type of accommodation, you’ll normally come into regular contact with the host. Breakfast is not always included. In the text you can read whether the room includes breakfast, whether breakfast can be ordered separately (for a fee) or whether no breakfast is served. Sometimes it’s possible to make coffee/tea or a (small) fridge is present. You can read about it in the bed & breakfast details.

3. Pets

Not every accommodation will allow pets. If you want to bring your pet, you should always inform us of this at the time of booking. The following conditions usually apply:

you must provide your own basket or rug to accommodate your pet.

in a dining room (of a hotel, for example), no pets are allowed.

pets must never be left alone in the accommodation.

most hosts charge a fee for your pet’s stay.

if pets are allowed in the accommodation, there is often a maximum number of pets that you can bring, which will be mentioned in the accommodation description.

4. The information on www.uitinderegio.travelbase.nl

We do our best to accurately inform you, but information on our website may inadvertently be incorrect. Photos and other information may inadvertently paint a false picture. As soon as we are aware of this, we will correct the information. Do you have any comments? Please send them to boekingen@uitinderegio.nl. Definitive departure and arrival times will always be stated in your booking confirmation.

5. Reviews

On our website you’ll find reviews of the accommodation by other guests. These reviews are always written by guests who have stayed in the accommodation themselves and they are their personal experiences. Stichting Bureau Toerisme is not liable for the content of the reviews. Should you find a review inappropriate, please feel free to let us know. You can contact us by sending an e-mail to: boekingen@bureautoerisme.nl.

6. Your booking and your details

As soon as you have reserved accommodation through our website for a certain period at the stated price, a booking is considered to have been made, constituting an agreement between you and the host. You will immediately receive confirmation of your booking via e-mail. This confirmation is your booking confirmation. During the booking process, we will ask for your details and those of your fellow guests. We trust that the provided details are correct. You are liable for the obligations arising from the booking agreement, your (fellow) guests are each liable for their own part. We will handle your data with care. We will process the personal data that you provide during the booking process in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and our privacy statement. If a booking is made, we will pass on your personal data to the host. We will ask the host to also handle your personal data with care.

7. Accommodation price and other costs

The applicable prices for use of the accommodation, additional activities or a package deal are listed on the website. Prices may change but are kept up-to-date on the website. Charges for supplements, options and extras will be stated during the booking process.

Booking fee

The booking fee is €9.95 per booking.

Tourist tax

The Rivierenland municipalities charge tourist tax for every night that you stay there. The amount varies per municipality. The tourist tax is paid separately at the location and is not part of the total amount paid to Bureau Toerisme.

8. Discounts

Possible discounts will be indicated during the booking process. It is not possible to combine discounts. During the booking process, the discount that is most beneficial to you will be automatically selected. If a last-minute discount or early booking discount applies, no other discounts will be calculated.

9. Payment

In order to secure your booking you must pay a deposit to Bureau Toerisme. The deposit amount is 30% of the cost of accommodation, plus the reservation fee, the price of any additional items ordered and/or the cost of cancellation insurance.

If you book 6 weeks or less before the date of arrival, you must pay the entire sum owed (accommodation price plus reservation fee, additional items ordered, cancellation insurance) to Bureau Toerisme at the time of booking in order to secure your booking.

In case of an earlier booking, you must pay the remaining 70% of the amount to Bureau Toerisme no later than 6 weeks before arrival.

Once you have paid the full sum, you’ll receive a payment receipt from Bureau Toerisme via e-mail stating that the amount due has been paid in its entirety.

10. Irrevocable – someone else in your place?

As the main booker or main guest, after you have agreed to these terms and conditions and have finalised the booking details, you’ll receive a notification on your screen stating that the booking is final. This means that the agreement has now been concluded via our website. Immediately after booking, Stichting Bureau Toerisme will send a confirmation e-mail to the main guest. The confirmation is deemed to have reached the main guest when he or she has been able to take note of it, or when he or she can be reasonably expected to have been able to take note of it. Please note that bookings made via our website are final. The so-called ‘cooling off period’ mentioned in Dutch law with regard to ‘distance selling’ does not apply to the agreement that you enter into through this website.

Transfer of rights

You can transfer your booking to another person, though. That other person will then take your place.

The following conditions apply:

  1. The other person must fulfil all conditions of the agreement, including the payment obligations;
  2. The request must be made no later than 7 days before departure, so that there’s still time to take care of all formalities;
  3. The host concerned must agree to the change and may request compensation for any additional costs that are involved.

11. Cancellation

You can cancel the agreement with the host. If you do so, you will owe the following cancellation fees:

For a holiday home (such as a bungalow, chalet, mobile home, apartment etc.):

  • if you cancel more than 42 days before the day of arrival: 30% of the rental price;
  • if you cancel between 42 days and 29 days before the day of arrival: 60% of the rental price;
  • if you cancel between 28 days and 1 day before the day of arrival: 90% of the rental price;
  • if you cancel on the day of arrival or later: the full rental price.

For hotel accommodation, a bed & breakfast or a camping pitch:

  • if you cancel more than 42 days before the day of arrival: 15% of the rental price;
  • if you cancel between 42 days and 29 days before the day of arrival: 30% of the rental price;
  • if you cancel between 28 days and 8 days before the day of arrival: 60% of the rental price;
  • if you cancel between 7 days and 1 day before the day of arrival: 75% of the rental price;
  • if you cancel on the day of arrival or later: the full rental price.

You will also owe the booking fee and insurance premiums, if applicable. If a booking that was made for several guests is cancelled, cancellation fees must be paid for all guests. Different cancellation conditions may apply to some elements of package deals.

In case of rebooking at your request, the cancellation fees will minimally be based on the cost percentage that applies to the date on which rebooking is requested.

Free cancellation

Some accommodations have a ‘flexible’ cancellation policy. This means that you can cancel the accommodation free of charge up to a certain number of days before your arrival date. This information will be stated in the accommodation details on our website and in your booking confirmation.

Do you want to cancel? You can do so by logging into ‘My Uitinderegio’. The date on which you enter your cancellation request will count as the day of cancellation. If you don’t manage to cancel your booking through our website, please send us an email at boekingen@bureautoerisme.nl.

12. Modifying your agreement

Have you booked accommodation and want to make changes to your booking? In some cases this is possible.

Please note that costs can be involved. Requests for changes submitted to Bureau Toerisme will be sent on to the host. It is up to the host to decide whether the requested changes can be made. Bureau Toerisme will inform you of this as soon as possible. If modification is not possible, you can decide whether you’d like to keep your booking or cancel it. If you don’t make a choice or don’t react in time, the agreement will be executed in accordance with the original booking details and you will remain liable for the costs involved. Bureau Toerisme will charge an amendment fee of €9.95. Of course, you always have the option to cancel.

13. Amendments by the host

The host may amend the agreement in case of serious circumstances. These are circumstances due to which the host cannot reasonably be expected to fulfil the agreement. If such circumstances occur, the host must offer you an equivalent alternative at no additional cost within 48 hours (2 working days). This obligation does not apply if the cause of the change is attributable to the guest(s).

The offered equivalent alternative must take into account:

  1. the location of the accommodation within the town/city of destination;
  2. the nature and category of the accommodation;
  3. the additional facilities offered by the accommodation;
  4. the composition of the travelling party;
  5. the special characteristics of the guest(s) that are known to the host and have been confirmed in writing;
  6. any personal circumstances that were made known and were confirmed in writing at the time of registration, which were declared by the guest(s) to be of essential importance.

If you wish to make use of the offered alternative, you shall inform the host of this within 3 working days. If you do not wish to make use of the offered alternative, you shall inform the host within 3 working days that you won’t accept the offer and are cancelling the agreement.

Stichting Bureau Toerisme will then refund the prepaid rental amount to you on behalf of the host, or the host will make the refund himself.

14. Your host’s obligations

Your host is in possession of all required permits and has taken out the necessary insurance policies covering damage caused by fire, flood, storm and any other external calamity, as well as civil liability. Your host is under obligation to execute the agreement in accordance with the information mentioned on the website and stated in the booking confirmation, unless you and the host have expressly agreed otherwise in writing. Any damages in connection with loss of holiday enjoyment that are directly attributable to your host due to a failure to fulfil the agreement shall be compensated by your host. The maximum amount of compensation that you can hold your host accountable for is the rental price that you have paid. You shall receive no compensation if the damages are not attributable to your host or to the person who he has enlisted to assist in fulfilling the agreement, because of one of the following reasons:

  • You are responsible for the damages caused;
  • Circumstances that could not have been foreseen by the host or a third party involved in the performance of the agreement;
  • Force majeure as referred to by law.

15. Limitation of liability

The host’s liability for personal or property damage and other damage resulting from or related to an agreement with the host shall always be limited or excluded in accordance with the relevant international conventions.

The host shall also not accept liability for damages for which compensation can be claimed under a cancellation insurance policy. Guests shall use the accommodation at their own risk. The host shall not be liable for unforeseen inconvenience caused by activities in the vicinity of the accommodation, nor for noise pollution caused by traffic, animals or originating from buildings or grounds. Without prejudice to the other provisions of these terms and conditions, the host’s liability for damages other than those caused by death or injury of the guest shall be limited to a maximum of three times the rental price unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of the host. In the latter cases, his liability shall be unlimited. The exclusions and/or limitations of the host’s liability contained in this article also apply for the benefit of employees of the host, Stichting Bureau Toerisme and any service providers involved, as well as their staff, unless treaty or law excludes this possibility.

The aforementioned limitation of liability applies equally to the host, the bike rental company, all supplementary activities booked and/or Stichting Bureau Toerisme with regard to damages arising from a bike rental agreement concluded through the mediation of Stichting Bureau Toerisme and/or from the purchase of supplementary products. Liability for such damages shall be limited to the amount paid out under the liability insurance policy in the case in question, but with a maximum per claim of € 500.

16. Your obligations

You shall follow the host’s instructions during your stay at the accommodation. At the start of your stay, the accommodation will be in good condition. If this is not the case, you should immediately notify your host. The guest shall use the accommodation in a proper manner and leave it in good condition. The guest shall only use the accommodation as a holiday residence, shall not sublet it to third parties and shall not occupy it permanently. The guest shall comply with the maximum number of people that is permitted to stay at the accommodation.

The guest shall be liable for any damage caused to or in the accommodation during their stay. The host may require a deposit from you. If you and/or your (fellow) guests misbehave during your stay at the accommodation, the host may terminate your stay immediately. You remain responsible for the costs of your stay at the accommodation and you are liable for all damages resulting from any misbehaviour by you or your (fellow) guests. You must be in possession of appropriate documentation, including proof of identification such as a passport or driving licence.

17. Complaints

The accommodation agreement and any other agreements are governed by Dutch law. We very much hope that you will enjoy your stay. Do you have any complaints about the accommodation? Please let your host know as soon as possible, preferably during your stay. Your host will handle your complaints and work with you to find a suitable solution. If you and your host don’t manage to come to an agreement, please let us know within two weeks of returning home. We will then try to reach a solution with you. Disputes that cannot be resolved will be referred to the District Court of Gelderland, location Arnhem.

You can submit your complaint to us via the website or by responding to the welcome home e-mail that you will receive from us. You can also reach us at boekingen@bureautoerisme.nl. If you have any complaints about our website or the booking process, please let us know as soon as possible. We’re happy to help and you’ll be assured of a quick response.

18. Ticket Shop terms and conditions

If you buy tickets for an event or venue in our webshop, for example for a (guided) tour, museum, concert, lecture, excursion or workshop, the following applies in deviation from and in addition to the terms and conditions of our webshop:

Buying tickets

You can buy tickets for an event or venue directly from the ticket seller via our website. Bureau Toerisme acts as an intermediary and does not become a party to the agreement. The webshop terms and conditions and these additional terms and conditions apply. If accommodation for one or more nights during the event is included, the General Booking Conditions also apply.

Receiving tickets

After completion of the ordering process and payment on the website, you will receive the tickets for the date of your choice via email.


You should immediately report any inaccuracies in the information on the admission ticket to Stichting Bureau Toerisme. Stichting Bureau Toerisme cannot be held liable for any kind of injury or damages resulting from incorrect information on the ticket or for injury to the participant(s) or third parties or damage to the property of the participant(s) or third parties, occurring before, during or after an activity, excursion or event for which the admission ticket was obtained at or via Bureau Toerisme.


Upon presentation of the ticket, you will have access to the event or the venue of the ticket seller. If the event shall only take place under certain circumstances, such as a minimum number of participants or certain weather conditions, the ticket seller shall inform you at least 48 hours prior to the event if the event will go ahead. If the event is cancelled, you will receive a voucher for participation or access to the event at another date or you will get a refund. Someone else in your place? Through our website, you buy tickets for a specific date of your choice. Have you changed your mind? You cannot cancel your purchase and no legal cooling-off period applies. However, you can always transfer your tickets to someone else. That other person will then take your place. The ticket vendor will grant the other person access to the event or venue upon presentation of the ticket.

19. About Uitinderegio.travelbase.nl

Uitinderegio.travelbase.nl is an activity of Stichting Bureau Toerisme.

Since 2004, Bureau Toerisme endeavours to support the region’s leisure sector and help it grow. With the help of a driven team of professionals and a carefully developed network of valuable partners, we contribute to the ambitions of governments, entrepreneurs and organisations.

Rivierenland, with its characteristic regions of Betuwe, Bommelerwaard and Land van Maas en Waal, is a beautiful area for recreation. In recent years, various stakeholders have taken many steps in order to expand the leisure sector in our region.

Uitinderegio.travelbase.nl contributes to a transparent offering and the simplified booking of venues and package deals. We look forward to welcoming you.

Any questions?

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us at info@bureautoerisme.nl

Dodewaard, February 2023